Last Call - Written and Directed by Lisa J. Dooley

As you eat bites of candy while getting doses of horror thrown at you through your screen on this O’Hallow’s Eve, I want you to watch a short horror film called Last Call by Lisa J. Dooley.

Dooley also wrote and directed the horror short Light as a Feather, which you can watch under my blog post Fun Size Horror. Light as a Feather is a ghost story told at a sleepover that becomes all to real.


Now parents, if you are hosting a Halloween sleepover for your kids, have them watch this short horror film. Why? This is your Get Free Out of Hosting Card for the next Halloween because your kids will be too scared to have another sleepover party.

Dooley is creatively clever with her stylistic approach and Last Call adds another layer to her craft. Last Call stars Kaitlyn Black ('Hart of Dixie') as a bartender whose coworker is seduced by a bloodthirsty patron.

Last Call is a creative horror short with bites of laughter that you will not only share with your friends for them to watch this Halloween, but is what I consider a film that Looks Creepy Cool!

Last call for drinks... but not for blood. Kaitlyn Black, Craig Lee Thomas & Kelly Landry as The Vampire Short Horror/Comedy Film Written and Directed by Lisa J Dooley.

Fun Size Horror

I am always on a quest in discovering good indie horror films as I have seen so many that the majority of them tend not to amaze me. However, I stumbled upon a short called Good Night, which is about a father who fails to convince his son to go to sleep quietly, prompting the arrival of an unexpected visitor. The film is a little over 4 minutes long, but it is so clever that I wish it was longer. 

It's distributed by Fun Size Horror, a production and distribution platform I found on YouTube that supports indie filmmakers who create horror and thriller films with unique and clever storylines.  Light as a Feather is another short on the channel that took me back to the days I watched Are You Afraid of the Dark..those days were the best!

To learn more visit their website: Fun Size Horror and if you are looking for something creepy and cool to watch visit  their site or subscribe to their YouTube channel here. But before you do, watch the two films I was talking about now and be sure to leave the lights on when you watch. 




A father fails to convince his son to go to sleep quietly, prompting the arrival of an unexpected visitor.
A short horror film directed Lisa J. Dooley. Visit to watch and submit short horror films!